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Originally Posted by Martian Bigfoot View Post
I swear I'm hearing "no bows". Maybe I'm going nuts, though.

Yet another possibility: In the famous video, Bob is holding up a cue card at that point with the text "no dose". Some of those cards are punny, though, so it doesn't have to mean anything.
Originally Posted by Martian Bigfoot View Post
Hang on. What about this version?

I'm hearing "no bows" on that one, too. What do you think?
You know what? Listening again (and I've listened to the song umpteen times, and I knew the alternate version too), I now clearly hear "Don't tie no bows". Whereas the aforementioned lyrics book and the official Bob Dylan website say "Don't try No Doz". But that doesn't count for much, as I said Dylan lyrics were often sloppily transcribed, and he used to change lines in the studio on the spot between takes, and maybe his noted lyrics differed from the final sung version. There are many such ambiguities in his work.