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Originally Posted by Mangetout View Post
Where are you getting those numbers from?
That's the orbital speed ... a tongue-in-cheek joke meaning humans can't run on water pre se.

Originally Posted by Mangetout View Post
It's possible to waterski barefoot at survivable velocities. I realise waterskiing is a different thing from running on water, but waterskiing *is* about lift generated from the interaction of human feet and the surface of the water - and is possible at speeds that are several orders of magnitude smaller than you're talking about.
We're using the foot as a hydrofoil to generate the lift ... no doubt ... but that's not "footfalls" as I had specified. This is all original research I did at the lake yesterday afternoon, at no time or under any circumstance was I able to put my foot down on water and then lift it back out without touching bottom or totally crashing into the water.

Then them brat kids started throwing big sticks out into the lake and experiment quickly ended ... [sigh]