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Originally Posted by Biggirl View Post
I am reminded of the now banned poster lissner who defended Showgirls at every turn. It wasn't a movie so poorly made it made stripping unwatchable and sex in a pool with Elizabeth Berkely an erection killer but a brilliant satire in which Paul Verhoeven's genius flew over everyone's head.
Must have been weird not having anybody come on him.

Originally Posted by Ranger Jeff
Obviously, Lennon's I Am The Walrus was influenced by Dylan. I always figured a lot of the lyrics were just Lennon playing with the sound of the words and the rhythm of them, not the meanings. Although I'm sure there were some who spent hours trying to write academic papers on the deep meaning of lyrics like "Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye"
He deliberately wrote the song to fuck with people who did just that with other Beatles songs - IIRC he'd received mail from a kid whose teacher had given them such an assignment, and had become furious. "Let's see you analyze this, fuckers" was the sentiment, if not the actual quote (my Beatles biog is out of arms' reach).

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