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Originally Posted by Biggirl View Post
I am reminded of the now banned poster lissner who defended Showgirls at every turn. It wasn't a movie so poorly made it made stripping unwatchable and sex in a pool with Elizabeth Berkely an erection killer but a brilliant satire in which Paul Verhoeven's genius flew over everyone's head.
To be fair it wasn't just lissener. He was just rather more aggressive/abrasive about his arguments. Other more popular posters with a film education like Cervaise agreed with him. Without re-hashing those arguments I could kinda see their point, though in the end I think it was clever speculation more than an absolutely provable argument ( unless Verhoeven has since come clean on the topic ).

Doesn't make Showgirls anymore watchable though . Brilliant satire or not, as simple entertainment it was a gigantic, absolutely massive fail.

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