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Originally Posted by Leo Bloom View Post
What do you use instead of equals sign for "execute" in such a simple case as above? (Although I would have said "gives," were I orally stepping through the symbols).

I say "simple case" because no doubt simple opertions/demonstrations in other formalist endeavors are governed by unique symbologies.
One symbol commonly used is "=>" which is pronounced "yields" or "gives."

Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
Thank you for explaining the misdirection sbunny8.

I see now how clever they were. Adding steps to hide what they were really doing.

Understanding how it's designed makes me appreciate the trick much more.
Actually it proves how dirt-simple these puzzles are. Now that you know the tricks you can make up your own private version and baffle your friends.

As has been said, it all starts from the fact that all 2 digit numbers are actually in the form of 10a+b. So as long as you hide a multiply by 10 and a single addition in amongst a bunch of do-nothing steps you've got a working puzzle. e.g. take a digit, add 3 then double the result, then subtract 6, then divide by 2. Magically the same digit pops out. etc.