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Originally Posted by watchwolf49 View Post
Right, the Factual Answer to the OP's General Question is no, humans cannot run across water.
No, that is only the factual answer to a limited reading of the OP's subject line. The full OP however includes the salient lines: "I have heard people say that if we ran at some insanely high speed(I've heard both 70 and 200 mph) , we could do it too. Is there s hypothetical speed where this would happen?"

The answer to that is "Some scientists working on a model for how Basilisk lizards run on water have estimated that humans would have to run at 67 mph to run on water, so the 70 mph figure isn't far off."

If we want to be super cautious we may include "But that is of course impossible", but that caveat doesn't seem to be necessary for the OP based on his full question for a hypothetical speed.