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Originally Posted by Mangetout View Post
Yup, the question in the OP acknowledges that it would be a superhuman feat. The question is not 'can ordinary humans do it', but 'could they do it if they were able to run fast enough, and if so, how fast is that?'
What does horizontal speed have to do with vertical lift?

The citation in post #4 had the humans wear flippers scaled to be proportional to the lizard's feet and then they suspended the humans from the ceiling to simulate 20% gravity over a pool of water. There was no lateral speed involved, the humans created enough lift by running in place, 0 mph.

I haven't read the reference concerning the lizard, but I think it fair to assume the lizard started out by running, to chase down prey and escape predators. It then adapted to running on water to better chase down prey and escape predators by evolving flipper feet and perhaps a highly specialized muscle configuration.

It's about the rate of slapping the water, which isn't dependent on forward speed for humans.