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Originally Posted by Mangetout View Post
I get what you're saying, but functionally, there isn't any difference between 'running on water' and 'swimming fast enough that only your feet touch the water'.
Eh, best analogy is one used earlier.

One is Dolphin tail skimming, the other is The Flash.

Which actually ties into this bit.
Originally Posted by Mangetout View Post
Nitpick: surface tension is a tiny, insignificant factor in any of this. The mass of water makes it something that forces can act upon. Viscosity also plays a part.
I actually had written out a larger segment to explain why I added surface tension to the reasons buy deleted in favor of simplification.

In this instance viscosity would be attributed by surface tension and friction. As the high speed staccato would in effect create platforms in the water on which to move on.

We don't really need to explain why it would work for the OP to be satisfied, just how fast they'd need to be striking the water in order to achieve that result.

A calculation which I in no way, shape, nor form can start on.

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