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Are cheap reading glasses bad for your eyes? Need answer fast!

Tues 08/30/16

Since I turned 50 my close-up vision has gone to shit, as it does for most people who live long enough. When my eyesight first started getting bad I went in a panic to the eye doctor fearing I might have glaucoma or something awful like that and was told that, no, all I had was aging eyeballs and that I would be needing reading glasses.

That was seven years ago. My circumstances being what they are (I go through pairs of specs and shades like I do Bic lighters--I wear them out if I don't sit or step on them, or leave them on a bus or at the counter or in someone else's house or just lose them somewhere or drop them on the street so that the lenses pop out-- sometimes I go through three pairs of them in a month), I've been getting my reading glasses at the local buck-and-change stores for two or three dollars a pair . They're made out of plastic including the lenses, on the flimsy side and they are sold on a revolving rack with a little sticker saying what magnification they are like 100x or 325x all the way up to 500x.

When I started out I could get by okay on 175x or 200x; after seven years I take a 300x or 325x. Usually I go to the buck-and-change store once a month and get a couple or four new pairs for like six to eight bucks total so that I'll always have a fresh pair available.

I got to wondering if these cheap reading glasses might have caused my eyesight to become worse, does anyone know whether or not they are bad for one's vision either immediately or in the long term?

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