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Originally Posted by mixdenny View Post
{QUOTE= Originally Posted by harmonicamoon: Probably better for shipping.

silenus: Yep. No wasted space between containers.
I used to buy a certain ceramic object I collected fairly often on eBay, and come up with a good way to ship them without damage. I designed a container starting with those fiber drums with the removable top held on by a metal clamp. Inside this I made a formed 'nest' out of foam that the jug would fit into. I would mail this to the seller and have them send it back with the item inside. (Pottery is very difficult to ship without damage).

Alas, UPS and FedEx were against the plan. They would accept a round container but I would have to pay for a larger rectangular enclosed area as well as an additional handling fee. It increased the cost to the point it wasn't economical


Trucking companies will take them.