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My guess is that this is probably dumb-ass teenagers screwing with people.

Plus, kids are dumb. When I was a kid, there was a drainage ditch near our elementary school, with an old (1940s-1950s era) trestle bridge that a local farmer had used for livestock prior to the development of that area. It was made of creosote-treated timber, so it was black, and it was old, so it was kind of warped and scary looking. And I think someone had set part of it afire at some point in the past.

We children were CONVINCED that "devil-worshippers" had ceremonies near the bridge at midnight. Never mind that the bridge itself was like 100 yards from the school, and probably 300 yards from a suburban neighborhood. If anything happened, it was probably dumb-ass teenagers smoking weed by there, and screwing around and maybe setting stuff on fire for kicks.

But all it would have taken would have been a comment to someone's parents about the devil-worshippers in the early 1980s, and it would have been a Big Deal with equal breathless panic on the news.