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Originally Posted by CookingWithGas View Post
I am quite shocked to hear this since reading glasses are for reading and make distance vision really awful.

I get my reading glasses in 3-packs at Costco.

Not really, they correct vision. 1.00s make the smaller letters on signs pop into perfect focus for me. So I guess my 'normal' vision needs a slight correction. The only time it matters is for driving. Especially at night, as your pupils get larger to allow more light, they loose depth of field and I would get a small amount of blurring from lights. Put on my 1.00s and everything snaps into place.

I used to use 1.25 for scoring targets in rifle matches, they work nicely for things 10-15 feet away for me. (You are down in the pit and the targets are maybe ten feet over your head). And I used a 2.00 for rifle shooting itself. Those are semi-distant uses.