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Originally Posted by Si Amigo View Post
My eye doctor told me to go out and buy two pair of readers at the drug store, one for each eye prescription and that his technicians would put them together into one working pair for free. And then I thought, what a racket, why doesn't the drug store also sell lenses for distance prescriptions and put this guy out of business?
Regular glasses accommodate a far greater range of issues, including centering of the lens, astigmatism, and differing eye focus issues. There are too many variations to make stocking them all impractical. Regular glasses are custom fit for a reason.

The cheap drugstore glasses are magnifiers to help aging eyes. As your eyes age, they become less able to focus up close. You run into the problem that your arms aren't long enough - in order for the book/paper to be far enough away to focus on it, you have to get farther away than the length of your arms.

Also, once you get it far enough away, the print is too small to see. The cheapos allow you to focus as if the object is farther than it is. If you have significant difference between both eyes, it may be difficult to get a pair that works with both eyes.

These are the same thing as what they do with bifocals - the bifocal is adding that additional correction in the lower part of the lens where you look to read up close.