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What is the best food you ever found in unexpected places?

I took my daughters to a very nice Cumberland Farms gas station today strictly for the food. It certainly isn't gourmet fare but it gets the job done for an unbelievably low price. We got a loaded hotdog for me with sauerkraut, two 32 ounce slurpies and two slices of cheese pizza for $4.67.

I am a connoisseur of gas station food around the U.S. Cumberland Farms is one of the most consistent winners but it isn't the best.

My #1 winner is some large truck stop in Oklahoma with an Indian casino inside of it. I honestly wish I knew how to locate it so that I could give it 5 stars but everything looked the same around there. We ordered three cheeseburgers and were told that we would have to wait because it would take 10 minutes to make them. I wondered what the holdup was because I was expecting just something pre-made hours ago under a lamp.

The cashier explained that they were special cheeseburgers and well-known because they used pickle juice to make them. I was thinking that was complete bullshit until we bit into them. They were among the best cheeseburgers that I have ever had in my entire life. Total cost = $6 and something cents for all of them.

What is your best unexpected food finds? Both value and quality are good answers.

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