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Originally Posted by Chefguy View Post
Indian food in Uganda (unexpected for me, anyway).
Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
Actually, Uganda has (or had, anyway) a very large Indian expatriate community. One of my college friends was of Indian descent but was born in Uganda, and came here with her parents as a refugee in the early 1970s. So no, not surprising to me although I've certainly never been there.
If I have things rightly (I've checked with Wiki): in 1972, Uganda's eccentric (to put it politely) ruler Idi Amin -- in office from 1971 to '79 -- expelled from Uganda, all the country's inhabitants of Indian ethnicity -- a decidedly ugly business. I'd be interested to learn, Chefguy -- did you encounter there, anyone Indian? -- now that Mr. Amin is no more, I wonder whether some Indians have returned to Uganda. Or was it local Africans, cooking in Indian style?