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Two come to mind for me.

The first was a ham and cheese sandwich at a highway rest stop in northern France. The ham and cheese were really, really good, but the real key was the baguette – not too airy, crispy but not too thick crust, and perfectly seasoned. When assembled this simple concoction was perhaps still the single, best sandwich I’ve eaten in my life.

The second one is a hamburger (actually “lamb-burger”, given the country) at the Marriott Hotel restaurant in Ahmedabad, India. It surprised me because (a) India, where presumably a hamburger is a rarity, and (b) hotel food isn’t usually very good (unless you go to the “fine dining” restaurant inside hotels). I’d been living in China at the time, and in my five years there I’ve never had a good hamburger, and so this wonderful, awesome, lamb-burger was even doubly delicious. If only beer has been legal, it would have been a perfect meal.