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Originally Posted by Sangahyando View Post
If I have things rightly (I've checked with Wiki): in 1972, Uganda's eccentric (to put it politely) ruler Idi Amin -- in office from 1971 to '79 -- expelled from Uganda, all the country's inhabitants of Indian ethnicity -- a decidedly ugly business. I'd be interested to learn, Chefguy -- did you encounter there, anyone Indian? -- now that Mr. Amin is no more, I wonder whether some Indians have returned to Uganda. Or was it local Africans, cooking in Indian style?
Amin threw out everyone who wasn't African, including the Indian and British folks. After he was deposed, the Indian families who had lived there for generations began returning to reclaim their property, much of which was the lucrative tea plantations. By the time we were posted there in 1997, life had returned to normal, or as normal as things can ever get in that part of the world.

nearwildheaven: To my chagrin, I was not aware of the large Indian population prior to our arrival, and was pleasantly surprised to find wonderful restaurants. I was impressed enough with the food to pursue learning to cook it myself. I guess the real oddity there was a superb Italian restaurant, run by a former WHO employee and his British wife.