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Originally Posted by snfaulkner View Post
Freakishly delicious Swedish meatballs in a crock pot at a divey strip club in the middle of the valley.
Ha! Food in a strip club - a crock pot! - always strikes me as hilarious. Instead of watching the hard-working ladies - "Holy cow, look at the udders on that one!" it's "Holy cow, what a great buffet, oooo, are those meatballs? Is there any swiss cheese on the cold cut platter?" And how can they eat while looking at rectums and vaginas?

....anyway, at the garage where I took my car, there was a gas station next door run by a really nice East Indian and he sold pizza from a glass case (I think he said his relatives made it but I don't know if that's allowed) that had the lightest, crunchiest crust. Just a little sauce and cheese on the wonderful crust. Never had any pizza like it since.

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