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Originally Posted by Chefguy View Post
Amin threw out everyone who wasn't African, including the Indian and British folks. After he was deposed, the Indian families who had lived there for generations began returning to reclaim their property, much of which was the lucrative tea plantations. By the time we were posted there in 1997, life had returned to normal, or as normal as things can ever get in that part of the world.
Thanks. I recall there was a big ruckus at the timeof the expulsion of Uganda's Indians in. Many of them held British passports, so went to settle in the UK; which was resented by some illiberally-inclined Britons. I'd really hardly given any thought to this business, since then.

Uganda seems a pretty hapless place: it's uncommon, and thus nice, to hear anything positive concerning it -- in this case, the excellent Indian food !