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Beer totally counts as food.

So, where did you find the best beer you've ever had? Germany? The Czech Republic? Alamogordo, New Mexico? The Pacific Northw-

Wait, what? Back up a second, there.

Yes, the best beer I ever tasted was back in the late '90's, an offering from the Compass Rose, a small, short-lived brew pub in Alamogordo. (The desert southwest being known for its beer, of course.) It was their bock. Even with beer I really like, I find I can take a couple of swallows and then need to take a brief pause from the bitterness. This stuff I felt I could drink like it was chocolate milk- bock beer taste, somehow without triggering the bitterness reaction, and smooth as silk. It was only money and the need to occasionally breathe that kept me from drinking it straight down by the pitcherful.

I was amazed the place closed. (Their food was very good, too.) I remember it fondly and hope it only closed because the people running it moved to a bigger city and found bigger success. They certainly deserved it.