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Originally Posted by salinqmind View Post
Ha! Food in a strip club - a crock pot! - always strikes me as hilarious. Instead of watching the hard-working ladies - "Holy cow, look at the udders on that one!" it's "Holy cow, what a great buffet, oooo, are those meatballs? Is there any swiss cheese on the cold cut platter?" And how can they eat while looking at rectums and vaginas?
I had a BLT at the Oasis Good Time Emporium (strip club) in Atlanta. I admit that having a naked girl bent over 3 feet away was a bit off-putting. Never ate at a strip club again.

My best unexpected meal was a place called Chicken Chicken in Grand Cayman. They served... wait for it... chicken! It had a Jamaican Jerk spice and was cooked on a rotisserie. My wife and I at there twice in the week we were on the island.