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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
$60 for a 10 oz filet meal? That's quite pricey. At a decent steakhouse, I'd expect it closer to $40. The popular one around in the suburbs south of me has a 12 oz for $32.95. (Edit: sorry, apparently it went up to $35.95 for 12 oz, and 26.95 for 8 oz.) At a non-steakhouse, you can definitely find them at the $20 price point. Here's one delicious 8-10oz Cajun filet at one of my favorite local joints for $18.99 last year.

If you shop right, you can find sales where filet goes down to about $12/lb. Typically, it is closer to $16-18/lb (that's what I paid for last on a trimmed choice tenderloin at Costco.) And that's for choice prices. Even select grade filet is quite tender, and I'm sure it can be found for even less, especially if you're a restaurant buying in bulk.
Check Caputo's; usually about $9/lb for a PISMO (whole tenderloin Peeled, Side Meat On)