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I can't say this was the best food I've ever encountered but this was something very good and unexpected.

I had driven down to northern New Jersey for a SDMB meet-up. I had said I was going to make some ice cream so when I got in the area, I stopped at a local supermarket to buy some milk and cream.

I found something in the store I've never seen anywhere else. I often see stores that have serve yourself buffet bars with things like salad makings, Asian food, chicken wings, and olives. But this store had a shrimp buffet bar; they had about ten different kinds of shrimp and you could dish up as much as you wanted and pay based on how much it weighed.

I love shrimp and I love ten different kinds of shrimp ten times as much. I loaded up a tray with all the choices they had and then I ate it all in the parking lot.

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