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Originally Posted by Kelevra View Post
I had a BLT at the Oasis Good Time Emporium (strip club) in Atlanta. I admit that having a naked girl bent over 3 feet away was a bit off-putting. Never ate at a strip club again.

My best unexpected meal was a place called Chicken Chicken in Grand Cayman. They served... wait for it... chicken! It had a Jamaican Jerk spice and was cooked on a rotisserie. My wife and I at there twice in the week we were on the island.
Back in the late 80s Wednesday night at the enlisted club at Fort Story Va Beach was quarter beer and 10 cent wing night. mrAru and I used to go and hang out for the wings and beer, strippers were just sort of an interesting distraction. I surprised the hell out of one of the strippers when she strutted out and spotted me at one of the tables. *shrug* I never got the reason for being upset that my husband was going out to see strippers with the guys in his division, I was the one that had his bank account and he came home to at night. [well, except when he was deployed]