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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post
When I was growing up, the legend was that if you stuck the Tootsie Roll Pop stick through the Indian, your wish would come true. This was (also) South Dakota, so I hope it wasn't an anti-American Indian in origin.

I don't think any of those wishes really came true though.
I've been collecting anecdotal accounts of the legend for a spell, and this is the first time I've heard of this particular regional variation, thank you for that!

As far as I can tell, the legend emerged through a combination of three factors:

1) Various local merchants would give kids who brought in the special wrapper a free tootsie roll pop as a treat. (This was just an informal tradition, and not any sort of official promotional campaign).

2) Parents would tell their kids who had sent off a letter to Tootsie with the wrapper that they had received a free lollipop, and then add it in themselves, in a basic 'letter to Santa' kind of move.

3) Other candy companies actually did have similar 'send in a wrapper that has a star'-style campaigns.

But this is all gathered through anecdotal accounts. I really would like to find the earliest mention of this, especially given that various sources claim that it has been around for a long-long time.

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