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1981 movie "Roar" - This has to be the most insane film ever made!

I get there are some weird films out there but as a tomato reviewer said

It can best be described as a cross between a nature special, a home movie, a snuff film, and a key exhibit at a sanity hearing.
The wiki entry is tame. You see the looks on the faces of the "actors" in the clips and there is true mortal panic in their eyes.

Discussion clip here Roar" actors battle animals in newly-released 1981 film


Roar is a 1981 American adventure exploitation film written and directed by Noel Marshall, produced by and starring Marshall and his wife Tippi Hedren, and co-starring Hedren's real-life daughter Melanie Griffith and Marshall's real-life sons John and Jerry. The film follows a family who are attacked by a range of ravening jungle animals at the secluded home of their keeper.

Roar became notorious for its troubled 11-year production, which resulted in 70 members of its cast and crew being injured by the many predatory animals used in the film, including its main stars sustaining life-threatening injuries ranging from bone fractures to scalpings and gangrene. Much of the footage capturing the injuries was included in the final cut of the film, resulting in real blood on screen. It has been considered the most dangerous film shoot in history.[1]

The film was released theatrically in Europe in 1981, but was a financial failure.[2] It was released theatrically in the United States for the first time on April 17, 2015. and in Split,Croatia in 2015.[1][3] Hedren co-wrote the 1985 book Cats of Shambala about her experience of filming Roar.
As a final note per the below quote Tippi Hedren must have a brain the size of a baseball.
Tippi [Hedren] disputes the number. I believe that number is inaccurate – I believe it’s over 100. It’s somewhere between 70 and 100. It is the most dangerous film ever made in history. Nowadays, there’s so much regulation, if you’re working on a film and two people get injured, they come in and they shut you down. They have safety meetings and they say, ‘What are we gonna do to change this situation?’ If they did that to us after two bites, we would have said, ‘I don’t know what else we can do differently. Should we do it with dogs? I don’t know!’ If we wanna make a movie with lions, people are gonna get bitten. We just hope that nobody dies and we’ll do everything we can to makes sure that doesn’t happen.[5]

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