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Originally Posted by Canadjun View Post
Do I have a misunderstanding of what machetes are, or is this really a machete? I thought machetes had much larger blades.
How can you tell from that photo how large the blade is? There's no scale given.

Assuming the opening for the handle is ~10cm (which is a minimum, really, the average male hand is just over 8cm wide and you want some leeway), that's a 50cm blade. That's actually at the long side for machetes.

It does have more of a kukri shape, but a kukri's just a kind of machete with a particular cultural history, IMO.

The linked item looks like something you stab with rather than swing with.
If it was a stabber, it wouldn't be so wide towards the end. That's a good indication of a chopper - puts all the weight at the outside of the swing, for momentum.

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