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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
The video was fun to watch, and I'll bet it was even more fun to make, but the ballistic-gel torso didn't really seem to make the point they wanted it to. It looked to me like they got in a good three or four hits before one that would be reliably fatal, and that even with a stationary target.

And I'm not sure what the two-liter bottles were supposed to prove.
Are you talking about the first linked video of the Kopis Machete, where they severed the entire torso at navel height with one blow. That was scary as fuck.

On the second linked video, with the Cutlass Machete, the first cut penetrated about a third of the way through the rib area. I don't know if that cut would be "reliably fatal", but whoever got slashed like that would not be having a good day. Taking three or four cuts before the shoulder section is entirely severed does not say to me "wimpy, wimpy, wimpy."

And my guess about the soda bottles is that it just looks cool. Though, thinking about it, a filled two-liter soda bottle would be pretty tough to cut through with an ordinary knife.