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In the interests of fighting ignorance (and I was sufficiently bored), here's a transcription of the lyrics along with their translation, if they weren't in English:
Kung kayo'y isang salbahe - If you're a villain*
and you are so very naughty
You dirty rat
(You very dirty rat)

Pwede ba kayong magbago - You can still change
at hindi pa nahuhuli ang lahat - It's not too late

Let us (Unintelligible) kumpare**
what the world needs now is love, you rat

Let's be good na brad***
Let us not be bad
Let's be good na pards****
Let's be afraid of God
Aah, let's believe in love

Kung kayo'y may kasalanan - If you have sinned
madalas magwala at magkalat - often lost control and thrown things about
Ang dali-daling magsori - It's easy to say, "I'm sorry"
at ang feeling pagkatapos ang sarap - And you'll feel great afterward
The rest of the lyrics repeat what was already sung.

*Literally, savage but villain works better in context
**From Spanish compadre, friend or companion
***From English brother
****Also from Spanish compadre