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Originally Posted by Terminus Est View Post
It's Filipino (Tagalog) combined with lines in straight English, about 50/50.
Colloquially known as "taglish". My wife likes to watch Filipino movies. They range from maybe 90% Filipino / 10% English to about 50/50, sometimes changing languages mid-paragraph. The Filipino papers I see here in the US do the same. Mostly Filipino, with some English mixed in. From my time visiting, I'd say most speech is about 80/20 in Manila (and even more Filipino or local dialects in the provinces), though most will be able to have an English conversation...some better than others.

Constitutionally, Filipino is the official language of the Philippines. English is also considered a national language, as was once Spanish. Filipino, for all intents and purposes, is tagalog rechristened, though there are many influences from the many other languages and dialects spoken throughout the Philippine Islands. Tagalogs are a distinct ethnic group in the Philippines, the largest I think. Officially, they wanted a distinct name for the language, separate from the ethnic group.