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My first name used to be exceedingly rare; I was 35 before I met someone else with the name. He was a little kid who ran into my cubicle on Take your Rugrat to Work Day, wearing a nametag that said "Hi, My Name is [Your Name]". Since then, I've met a few more and heard a lot more in fiction; it's become a quirky name to name nerds with walk-on parts in TV and movies.

Last name is fairly commonly used; the only fictional one I know for sure is a character with my last name (and the first name of a woman I know) who was included into one of the Champions comics when Steve Perrin was writing them; we all gamed together.

Real world, there was a guy with my exact first/last name who got a town named after him in Texas, and a recent Secretary of State had my first name, although he pronounced it wrong. He's probably to blame for it becoming more popular...

And, there's an NPC in Glorantha named Ethilrist. Never heard the name or played the game before I picked this for my user name.