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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post
Compared to their numbers before the Model T, there are very few.
Not all that "very", AFAICT. In the US alone nowadays there are estimated to be over 9 million domesticated horses, which is nearly half as big as the US equine population at the start of the 20th century, and a sizable subset of domesticated horses still require hired grooms to take care of them.

"Less common" != "obsolete"; the occupation "groom" is not at all superseded or redundant in the way that, say, coachmen and coal-engine stokers and manuscript scribes have become. Grooms are more like piano tuners: less numerous than they used to be but still quite crucial to the wellbeing of a diminished but significant population.

Originally Posted by Jackmannii
On a related note, it's getting hard to find openings for superintendents of tuberculosis sanitariums and leper colonies.
Unfortunately, new strains of multidrug-resistant TB may mean that the former occupation will be making at least a partial comeback:
[...] the growing pool of treatment failures needs to be addressed with a coordinated strategy that involves supported home care interlinked with urgent building of long-term community stay and palliative care facilities.