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Originally Posted by Crafter_Man View Post
There was a time when every medium-sized town had a TV repair shop.
There's one right near my residence: "Bob's TV Repair". I went inside wondering what I would find.

A very dusty & messy shop full of 1990s home stereo gear, a bunch of old posters and LPs for sale, and a few modern DVDs and PC games. Plus one or two extra dusty CRT TVs. With no evidence of any repair shop; no bench, no tools, etc. This trove would look right at home spread on a quilt behind a ratty pickup at a Sunday swap meet in a rural county seat someplace.

Looks like the proprietor is simply wasting away his golden years sitting there waiting to die. Maybe he does a good business in bath salts on the side. It kinda had that vibe although I saw no overt evidence.

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