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I ran a simulation 100K times. I ignored any roll without at least one six. For the remaining rolls, here are the counts:

Die   occurrences     %
1         5428       17.7%
2         5627       18.4%
3         5533       18.1%
4         5536       18.1%
5         5690       18.6%
6         2801        9.1%
So assuming the interpretation that the question is asking about the odds over multiple rolls, the answer is clearly 1/11.

I understand markn+'s point about the answer depending on how you interpret it, but the second interpretation of "on this one roll where one die just happened to be 6, what are the odds the other one is a 6" doesn't work for me. The whole point of probabilities and odds is assuming what happens over multiple events. Pretending that we're talking only about this single roll isn't a probability. It smacks too much of "either it's a 6 or it's not, so the odds are 50/50."