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In Pennsylvania where I live, the stink bug as we know it now is a relatively new phenomenon. Sure, other varieties of stink bugs may have existed here before then, but they were so rare that I don't remember ever seeing one. The invading brown marmorated stink bug went from being virtually non-existent to "holy shit how do we get all of these freaking stink bugs out of our homes!" in a very short period of time. Before them, we had no stink bugs (well, technically we may have had a few). Now, we have lots and lots and lots of stink bugs.

I get your point that saying that all stink bugs didn't exist in North America is clearly wrong. But there is a point to be made that around here, the brown marmorated stink bug is THE stink bug. It's the only one that you are likely to encounter. If someone around here says "stink bug" that's the only stink bug type that they'll be talking about.