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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Definitely not a tool. You wouldn't have that sort of finish on any sort of working surface, and the shape clearly has "looks like an acorn" as the primary design consideration, not secondary to some practical use. Plus, it looks like it'd be pretty fragile at the unfinished stems.

It's something decorative. I'm wavering between a decorative piece that came off a piece of furniture, or just the result of someone idly fiddling around with a lathe. I think I lean towards the latter: The OP says it's all carved from one piece of wood, and there's no practical reason at all to do that, since whatever it's for, it'd be easier to make it out of separate pieces.
You would have a smooth finish if the material could snag. It could also be polished from the work itself. If it is decorative, it is not a well finished decoration. The grain runs end to end. So it would not be too weak.