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NaNoNaNoNaNo... WriMo!

Please tell me I'm not the only one gearing up for NaNoWriMo.

I'm still revising the first NaNo book I wrote in 2014 but I figured I'd work on a new idea I have: The Burning. Kind of a declining civilization fantasy, a team of folks discover their weird powers under the control and manipulation of a sociopathic Professor X. I've got it all figured out thematically (this is a trauma narrative - each character is representative of some symptom of prolonged trauma and the story arc is essentially about them going from survival mode to manipulation/abuse by their leader to healing/thriving independently.)

It's dark and gritty because that's how I do. The female protag is an indentured servant drug addict about to be pushed into prostitution, the male protag is a former prostitute and addict, charged by their abusive leader to help her get clean. Her power is to wield strange blue fire that destroys organic matter and his is the ability to summon an evil presence that controls with fear. I've got a telepath who can break down mental barriers between other people, including shared memories and feelings, a healer who refuses to heal trauma out of principle, and some other team members. And some secret society trying to harvest mutant energy & intelligence to get themselves off planet earth.

I was trying to be a good girl and get this all plotted out but I'm kinda spinning my wheels at this point. I have the gist of the first half nailed down but beyond that I'm kinda lost. I'm hoping it comes to me by the time I get there.

Anybody else? Got any preparation rituals? Let's get fired up, people, we're running out of time!