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Yes, I'm doing this. I am encouraging my daughter, who writes all the time to give it a try as well.

I'm writing fantasy/urban fantasy as well. It's more on the fantasy side, involving changelings. People from Earth who are brought over to a side world because they can handle magic, which isn't present on Earth. If they aren't brought over early, they develop mental health issues back on Earth. They're normally taken early, but my protag is brought over around 6 or so, which is late.

This book is set entirely in this side world (one of many), and deal entirely with who can wield power (magic is one aspect of this, but not the only one), and the impact this has on geo-politics (with some romance thrown in there, 'cause). Ideally future books will deal with other worlds, including Earth, and how the realms relate to each other.

Where do I get stuck - normally in really stupid places, like names. Protag is currently "Protag" in outline, and may be so called in the manuscript or the ever elegant "heroine".:roll eyes:

If anyone would like to link up via the NaNo site, I would love to be buddies. I failed miserably last year. Hoping to do a little better this year.