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Originally Posted by md2000 View Post
I wonder too if it's an indication the presidents (Reagan excepted, maybe? And this election...) have been getting younger?

It used to be that to be an elder statesman/statesperson accepted by the party elite, and building a country-wide reputation, a candidate needed to be fairly advanced in years. Modern communication, the primary system and mass media, means that someone could go from unknown nationally to party candidate in 4 years, no matter what their age.

then of course, modern medicine means that conditions of the elderly that could have been fatal years ago - even something as simple as pneumonia - can be effectively treated oday.
Presidents haven't been getting noticeably younger - here's a list of Presidents by age. 5 of the 10 presidents elected before the age of 50 were in the 1800s. Reagan and Bush 41 were two of the oldest. It's much more likely to be extensions in lifespan, especially for those at the far end of the economic spectrum as ex-presidents generally are.