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Originally Posted by Two Many Cats View Post
Oh, I don't know. The Camp David Accords. The only Middle East Peace treaty with any staying power.

I think it was his brother Billy, and the giant swimming attack rabbit that did Jimmy in. Well that, and the whole Iranian Hostage, botched rescue attempt thing.
Yeah, several branches of the military screwed up and it's his fault. (What, they didn't realize covering the vents in a helicopter would overheat the equipment? Some guy can't do a simple move in a helicopter...?

Don't forget also he was the one who explicitly declined to answer the Soviet/Cuban troops in Angola and Mozambique, where it was suggested we needed to counter the commie threat to "save South Africa from being overrun by commies"; he ended much of the cycle of on-going proxy guerilla wars that formed a part of the cold war.

He started the process of tying foreign policy to human rights, even when it went against America's immediate interests. it was suggested as a result he was slow to help the Shah and his secret police, which precipitated the Iran hostage crisis.