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I hope this thread is still active(!).

We found a rabbit, apparently skinned and elongated by some creature, in our back yard last night, when taking the dog out one last time for the day. The head and all feet were intact, but there was no evidence of any loose fur or skin anywhere to be found, on or around the poor bunny. When we first identified that it actually was a rabbit, which took a while by the way based on its condition and the way it was lying, it appeared that the flesh was completely intact. Upon trying to lift it to remove it from the yard so that the dog wouldn't get into it today, we saw that it's other side had some chunks removed from the flesh and that organs were exposed. It seemed to be a fresh kill yet, as there was no odor but the bunny was quite rigid, and we're sure it wasn't there earlier in the evening.

So my question to you folks in this forum: does that sound like a owl or possibly fox-type kill description? I know I've heard an owl hooting in the backwoods behind the house on some or most evenings, and in about the last couple months, we've seen a fox crossing the street several houses away. Our dog surely wasn't involved...

Thanks in advance for your feedback.