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In my lifelong quest to erase dark circles from under my eyes I have spent probably thousands on various product which I diligently applied and which did not work.


I do not have wrinkles around my eyes. On my neck, yeah. I never paid much attention to my neck. But not around my eyes.

So it's possible they did something. Just not what I wanted them to do. Maybe it was massaging the area as I applied this stuff. Maybe genetics.

Also, there are moisturizers that may not make you look younger, but I've always had dry skin, and they make me feel a lot better. Also coconut oil is great stuff. (And cheap. And odorless. And fine in pie crust if you're out of Crisco.)

But as someone said, cosmetics is not the same as skin care products. I consider the $$ I've spent on cosmetics well spent, for the most part. I definitely look better with makeup. I don't know anyone who doesn't.

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