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I'd never heard of it until about a week ago. But I'm gonna do it! My career for the last 38 years has been generating verbiage on behalf of various causes. Surely I can generate some on behalf of myself, right?

The NaNo site has all kinds of tips, help, advice, etc. I also downloaded the $1.99 kindle book No Plot? No Problem! by one of the NaNo creators. Very helpful and hilarious. There are even tips on what snacks to stock up on. Whole chapter on how to find the time (Hint: it's easier if you're really busy). If you want to feel inspired to do this, I highly recommend this very short read.

I'm not doing any prep, except that I bought Scrivener (a very clever program!) and I'm going to find a place to put random grab-bag stuff that I might want to drag in. I have NO ideas at all going into this. Just going to dive in head first and devil take the hindmost!

I'm taking the advice of Ray Bradbury, "Your intuition knows what it wants to say. You just have to get out of its way."

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