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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
I'm not doing any prep, except that I bought Scrivener (a very clever program!) and I'm going to find a place to put random grab-bag stuff that I might want to drag in. I have NO ideas at all going into this. Just going to dive in head first and devil take the hindmost!
Have I told you all about our Lord and Savior, Scrivener?

I have an exciting opportunity that everyone's talking about.

Seriously though, it changed my life. I've also been using it a long time, so if any of you have questions about how to do something, PM me before you sort through the 500 page instruction manual.

My current saving grace is a little program called Cold Turkey that allows you to set a schedule blocking stuff (internet sites, or all internet, or any computer app) and lock it so that it cannot be undone. Then there's Cold Turkey Writer, which takes you to a full-screen writing app and doesn't allow you to do anything but write until you've hit a time or word count goal. Seems perfect for NaNoWriMo.

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