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Originally Posted by ivylass View Post
I'm using Scrivener...or should I say, I'm writing in it, but I doubt I've tapped into even a tenth of its potential. Hell, I can't even figure out how to set a default font.
Scrivener --> Preferences --> Formatting

You can customize everything in Scrivener including fonts and colors for every function (you can make the binder a different font and color than the editor, for example.)

Originally Posted by chrisk
I've decided that I'm unlikely to ever write a first draft in Scrivener... especially not when I'm pantsing. It just doesn't seem like a very pantsy way to write. But I love it as a revision framework!
I pretty much always pants (and have accepted I'm probably gonna pants in November) and I will admit Scrivener blurs the line a lot between drafting and editing. I have a compulsive editing problem that seems to be exacerbated by this program.

However, there is that draft mode specifically for writing without the editing tools. You can make it full screen if you like. The only reason I don't use it is that for some reason I end up obsessing over the background and font colors.