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Originally Posted by Red Stilettos View Post
One of our cats would do this. I don't think they were regurgitated. I think they were carefully eaten around. He would also leave the feet. He'd catch a chipmunk and eat the head, the fur, the tail, everything except the organs and the feet. He was a strange cat. Very sickly too, which made his hunting prowess even more impressive.
Any time you see the words "entrails" and the phrase "kinda gross", a cat is likely to be involved. We had an oudoor-indoor cat when I was growing up and he would do this too.

Back when organ meat used to be more popular among humans they were said to be rich in nutrients; livers are supposed to be a good source of B vitamins for example. I'm surprised that the natural instinct of the cat wouldn't be to gobble the innards down as well.

For smaller animals like mice they will often eat them whole, starting at the head biting bits off, chewing, and swallowing much as you or I would eat a Danish.

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