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Originally Posted by pkbites View Post
Got a new exhaust put on my Land Rover yesterday. I'm watching the guys work under mine and other cars, using blow torches and welding equipment, back by where the fuel tanks are.

All I could think of was "just one small leak of fumes and Ka-Fucking-Bm!

I've never been sent to such a call. Does anything like that ever happen?
there's not going to be any "kaboom." For gasoline to cause anything close to a "bang" it needs to be fairly well mixed with air in the proper ratio. and if it's uncontained you'll only get a "whoof."

what can happen when working on an open fuel system is leaked fuel can ignite and cause a large enough fire you can't put it out with a hand-held extinguisher. if it gets to that point, you can only hope the fire department arrives quickly enough to save the building.