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Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
Yeah, the old style split rim truck wheels were well known as "widowmakers."

That's one thing which didn't occur to me... a gasoline leak inside the garage could lead to a build up of vapors, similar to a natural gas leak.
A gasoline leak, assuming you had a decent ambient temperature happening, could be much worse than a nat gas leak as the vapours the gasoline source produced are heavier than air, which would allow them to collect at the floor where your easiest ignition sources are. Typically a floor in a closed room is also not well ventilated, whereas a ceiling is commonly.

You'd need a decent exposed surface area of gasoline to get enough vapor generation to have a kaboom moment though, unless a crazy set of circumstances all align.

Marvin the Martian - didn't see your post but yeh, that'd about do it!

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