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Originally Posted by drewder View Post
Why is it that prices and princesses don't seem to retain their titles after marriage?
They do. Conversationally or in news reports they may, for shorthand, be referred to by the newest title, even if it's technically lower in status than Prince or Princess, but it would just be too much of a mouthful to keep repeating the full raft of titles.

Or they might strictly speaking, have acquired an even lower status title through marriage, as when a Princess marries someone without a title at all;but they still retain the royal title. They might commonly still be referred to for shorthand as Princess this or that, but technically, the full form might be (as for the Queen's cousin on her marriage) - Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Mrs Angus Ogilvy (because her husband had no title of his own, apart from being "honourable" as the younger son of a peer).