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I know when you're royal you tend to get a bunch of titles attached for one reason or another but am I wrong in thinking a prince outranks a duke? Wouldn't you go by the most important title and let the rest of the titles follow after?
Being a royal duke IS the most important title William holds in his own right. (He holds a dukedom, earldom, and barony, as noted above.) The "prince" title is his by courtesy, as a son of the Prince of Wales, but the dukedom belongs to him alone. It was a step up for him.

A prince in his own right (such as Charles as P of Wales) outranks a duke, but a prince by courtesy who is also a duke outranks somebody who is only a prince by courtesy with no other title. See, for example, the sons of the late Prince George, Duke of Kent. The elder, known as Prince Edward of Kent from birth, inherited his father's title and as the current Duke of Kent outranks his younger brother, Prince Michael of Kent, who was never given a title of his own.